How Can I Help?


Need help learning to accomplish a goal or task? Not sure what steps to take? Sometimes all you need is a different perspective and some good advice. It may be setting up a Facebook page or trying to plan a social media strategy. I’ll be happy to help!


Copywriting is sales writing, and it is an artful science. Good copywriting is difficult and time-consuming, but it can pay huge dividends and the product can be used many times. In today’s Internet economy, copywriting is one of the most popular services sought, simply because it is so valuable to sales. Since I am relatively new at copywriting and have not built a large audience of clients, my prices are naturally lower. Take advantage of that for your own needs, and let me show you that I am up to the challenge.

Video and Audio Production

I can help you create audio or video projects. Do you need short videos for social media ads? Do you have a large project that you are putting together? My work as a video production manager and podcast manager supplied me with the skills to help you create great video or audio projects. Whether you need consulting or technical work, I’d love to help you!

post on social media often

Social Media Management

Everyone needs a plan for social media today. You have urgent appointments and tasks that only you can do for your business to run smoothly. Let me come in and take the pressure off of posting often and interacting with your audience. Do you need a content strategy? I can help you find your voice in the Social Media world. And if you need specialized content for your brand (something that is always best to do), I’ll be happy to bring you quality content written with your audience in mind.

Website Development

Businesses today need a great Internet experience for their customers. This can bring you a lot more income, and having a bad site will almost certainly give you a black eye in the community and hurt your chances to attract new customers. I can help you with that. And if your website is already great and you just need someone to help maintain it, leave that to me. I’ve got you covered!


Your brand is your reputation. It’s an expression of your values and character, and it can attract your ideal customer or client. If your brand does not express your character and values, you may miss your ideal clients altogether. Branding takes a lot of work and planning, and everything from your logo to your mission statement contributes to it. If you would like some guidance or coaching on how to improve your brand, let me help you. I have had several years of experience trying to express the culture and character of various entities online, and I can help you.