3 Pillars of Connection

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architecture-692017_1280I was fortunate to go to the 2016 Tribe Conference hosted by Jeff Goins (goinswriter.com). By the way, if you are in marketing or want to build a platform to work from, go to this event next year.

Asha Dormfest was one of the speakers and she made a big impact on me. She encouraged us to make connections, and then helped us understand a little better how that works.

She gave us three pillars of connecting with others.img_0332

1. Humanity.

If you are building a tribe or a platform, you need to remember that you are a person, not a brand. Be human. “People come for your content, but they stay for you.” Treat them like a human, and let them see your humanity.

2. Honesty.

Have the confidence to tell the truth, even if you believe it is risky to you. That’s about being vulnerable. Share the dead ends, the uncomfortable stuff you would rather hide.

It also means owning my opinions and sharing them with others. Have an opinion that matters.

3. Generosity.

Don’t give conditionally. Offer a piece of yourself to the world. There is nothing wrong with selling a product. You have to eat and make a living! But this is about putting yourself “out there” and thinking of others first.

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