I'm on a journey, building my own business online. The things I experience and learn, I teach to those I know. I help other people figure out how to put their knowledge to use in practical ways to experience growth online. I can help you too!

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Here Are Some Ways I Can Help You


Need help learning to accomplish a goal or task? Not sure what steps to take? Sometimes all you need is a different perspective and some good advice. It may be setting up a Facebook page or trying to plan a social media strategy. I’ll be happy to help!


Copywriting is sales writing, and it is an artful science. Good copywriting is difficult and time-consuming, but it can pay huge dividends and the product can be used many times. In today’s Internet economy, copywriting is one of the most popular services sought, simply because it is so valuable to sales. Since I am relatively new at copywriting and have not built a large audience of clients, my prices are naturally lower. Take advantage of that for your own needs, and let me show you that I am up to the challenge.

Video and Audio Production

I can help you create audio or video projects. Do you need short videos for social media ads? Do you have a large project that you are putting together? My work as a video production manager and podcast manager supplied me with the skills to help you create great video or audio projects. Whether you need consulting or technical work, I’d love to help you!

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Social Media Management

Everyone needs a plan for social media today. You have urgent appointments and tasks that only you can do for your business to run smoothly. Let me come in and take the pressure off of posting often and interacting with your audience. Do you need a content strategy? I can help you find your voice in the Social Media world. And if you need specialized content for your brand (something that is always best to do), I’ll be happy to bring you quality content written with your audience in mind.

Website Development

Businesses today need a great Internet experience for their customers. This can bring you a lot more income, and having a bad site will almost certainly give you a black eye in the community and hurt your chances to attract new customers. I can help you with that. And if your website is already great and you just need someone to help maintain it, leave that to me. I’ve got you covered!


Your brand is your reputation. It’s an expression of your values and character, and it can attract your ideal customer or client. If your brand does not express your character and values, you may miss your ideal clients altogether. Branding takes a lot of work and planning, and everything from your logo to your mission statement contributes to it. If you would like some guidance or coaching on how to improve your brand, let me help you. I have had several years of experience trying to express the culture and character of various entities online, and I can help you.

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If you ever have any questions about marketing, design, or anything you see me discussing on my page, please ask! This is not a marketing gimmick to make sales. I am not going to send a bill along with the answers either. I'm just going to respond like any normal human would--I'm going to treat you like a friend and do my best to answer your questions.



Hi! I'm Jason Sparks

And I love to help people!

When you first attempted to build your business online it probably was more difficult than you thought it would be. You tried some things and now you are ready to walk the steps of those who have gone before. The thing is, you don't really know how they did it!

You're in good company. MOST businesses want a better online presence. They just need a little help getting there.

That's where I come in.

I started Sparksmore for many reasons, but my greatest reason was so I could learn more about online marketing. I have worked for churches for the past 20 years and I have seen the rise of the Internet, and (unfortunately) the failure of the church to fully grasp the potential of it for spiritual development. So I decided to look into it myself. I have consumed articles and books for the past 5-7 years dealing with different philosophies and tactics of online growth. I learned a lot of theory, but that was all. I knew that if I really wanted to learn, there was no better way than to go do it myself.

Success breeds success. I know that when I reach a point of "online success" I will have more credibility to lead the way for churches to enter the 21st century and take full advantage of the incredible opportunities to serve others around us.

Let me tell you why this is great news for you. You see, my goal is not to cheat people or employ "get-rich-quick" schemes like a few shady marketers have done. I'm not suggesting that I am better than other people who have gone before me, but I am suggesting that there is a level of trust you can have for me beacuse of my reasons for being in business for myself. Naturally, I want to make money too. I love food and living inside structures that have a roof. And I will eventually retire, and I need to get ready for that. But my primary objective is to learn by doing.

Another reason this is good for you is that I love to teach! I learn best by gathering information and teaching it to others. I also feel the most alive when I am helping people learn something they have struggled to do!

I'm also open. I have made a decision that will cost me opportunities to help others at times, and it will cost me emotionally. It might even affect my image and harm my business to a degree. That decision was to be honest. I know--It's a novel idea!

Of course there are many other people who are honest, and I admire many honest people who work online. I am following their example.

I started off my first week or two pretending to be a guru. The idea "fake it till you make it" is very tempting! And while it might work for some, I can't do it. So I am coming at this as a learner, a fellow traveler, and an open one.

If you follow along in my blog, you are going to see stuff that will make you shake your head. I will embarrass myself and fail, probably a lot! I'll talk candidly about those times (without whining I hope!) and when I do, you will see that you can also make it.

I also hope you'll see a lot of "wins" too!

I explain a little more about this in an article called, "Journaling My Journey". If you'd like to read a little more about my story, please click the link below.

I hope you'll follow along by signing up for my email updates. You may never need my services, and I'm good with that. But if you'd like a friend to go along on this crazy journey through building an online business, I'm here for you!