How To Exclude Your Traffic In Google Analytics

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graphic-1142957_1280If you are using Google Analytics, you want to see great numbers. “How many visits have I gotten?” “Are my efforts making an impact?”

Your traffic may not be what you think it is though. Unless you have made some changes, Google is counting your own visits to the site. Even if you go directly to the login screen on WordPress (or whatever you are using for your website) Google is including you in the numbers. So that day you spent hours working on multiple pages, checking them out live several times per hour, your stats were going up with every click.

Oh, and when you checked your site at work during a break because you enjoy seeing your handiwork. Yeah, it went up then too. WordPress has the feature of excluding your traffic, but that does not mean Google is doing that.

Here is a quick explanation for how to set up a filter so you stop counting your personal traffic (or the traffic of anyone you want to exclude).

Open up Google Analytics by going to and signing into your account. Then find your website listed on the page. Click on “All Website Data”. Then find “Admin” on the tabs at top

Google Analytics admin-area


On the right column of the page, click, “Filter”.

Google Analytics filters


When the page opens click “Add Filter”.


Google Analytics Add Filter


You will want to create multiple filters so you can filter all the PCs, phones, and other computers you use to access your site. So here’s how to do that.

You’ll want to be sure the radio button, “Create New Filter” is already ticked.

Then for Filter Name I would simply enter what you are filtering out. I have “Exclude Users”, “Exclude iPhone”, and “Exclude Laptop”.

Leave “Filter Type” set to Predefined.

Google Analytics filter-type


Click the “Select Filter Type” and select “Exclude”.

Google Analytics exclude


To the right of it, click “Select Source or Destination” and choose, “Traffic From the IP Addresses”.

Google Analytics traffic-ip-addresses


On the final button (“Select Expression”) click and select “that are equal to”.

Google Analytics equal-to


Then enter below that your IP address for the computer you want to exclude.

How Do I Find My IP Address?

This one is as simple as going to and asking, “What’s my IP?” Google will show you the public IP for that computer. Do this for every computer and phone and collect the numbers for other filters.

Once you enter the first IP Address, click “Save” and that’s it! Officially it will take 24 hours to change, but it generally takes less than an hour. If you perform the same procedure for your other computers or phones, your Google Analytics data will be more accurate.

How did it go? If you have any questions, please contact me. I’ll be happy to help!

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