How To Discover Your Strengths And Pursue A Successful Life

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weights-79587_1920If it weren’t for the three skills I lacked, I would have graduated highschool and gone pro in basketball. I could not dribble. I could not shoot. I could not pass the ball. Besides those, I was so close to the NBA, I could smell the locker room.

It’s sad when people pursue activities they probably should avoid. It’s worse to see people who are capable of great things slink from their greatness out of fear. Even more sad (and common) are the ones who never comprehend their potential.

What does success mean? There are many definitions, but usually our definitions include some idea of potential. If that’s the case, it’s easy to see how important it is to clearly understand our strengths. You have latent abilities waiting to be freed and used to succeed in life, and I’m going to offer 4 ways to find them, because this is a part of my strengths. But pay attention because they are not as simple as you might suspect. This is a process that requires time and effort, but what great things await when you uncover them!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

1. List The Things You Enjoy Doing.

Writing down the activities you enjoy will help you tremendously because it will allow you to cull the list. I’ve learned that just because I enjoy something, that does not mean I am good at it. Basketball is perhaps my favorite sport, but I am not good at it. I could be, perhaps, but it’s highly unlikely. Write down the things you enjoy and thin out the list by asking 2 important questions.

Do I enjoy this because I have found success in it before?

When you try something and succeed, it causes us to enjoy the experience (most of the time). If that is the case, you found a strength to develop. But be creative in your thinking process.

What specifically do you enjoy about it?

Think through this and you will more clearly define your strength.

2. Ask someone.

We rarely see ourselves clearly. Asking a close friend to help you understand yourself is a great start. It might feel awkward, but most people would be happy to help you.

3. Recall Others Asking For Your Help.

Sometimes friends ask for help because you are a friend, not necessarily because you are good at something. Think back to when someone sought out your help or advice about something. That person asked based on some impression of you. Was the assessment correct? That is what you must ask yourself.

4. Face Your Fears.

Try something that scares you. Sometimes we are afraid of strange things. Sometimes we are afraid of the very thing that will bring us success in life. It’s almost like we WANT to avoid success. Success means change, and change is scary, even the good kind.

It’s easier to stay where we are. Deep down you probably know what you ought to be doing. It’s easier to blame “inability” than to grow into someone new. So maybe the best advice is to find some guts and go win.

So here are 4 ways to find your strengths.

If you will take the time and energy to wade through and discover your strengths, you will learn the joy of self-improvement and find that success in life you want.

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