Content Marketing With Jay Abraham’s “Amazon Copywriting Technique”

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Content Marketing expert, Jay AbrahamI had never heard of Jay Abraham until today. I signed up for a free series of lessons about copywriting from the great Ray Edwards so I could learn content marketing, and he provided a video interview he had with Jay. It took about 2 minutes to realize that this man is one of the most insightful businessmen I have ever “met”. I immediately started taking notes. I would encourage you to go to and see for yourself. He gives away greater content than many people sell.

In this interview he gave a tremendous tip for using Amazon to understand your target audience.

Finding Your Target Audience

A good copywriter must learn about the audience he represents. By going to Amazon you can learn exactly what people like and dislike by using their ratings system for products and for content marketing.

For example, let’s say you are in the business of selling office furniture. Go to and enter “office chairs” into the search bar. (You would do this for all your prodcuts you want to research, plus their related products.) Then find and compile all the ratings that are 5 stars and also 1 star.

One and Five Star Ratings Tell You Everything

The next step is to begin reading the reviews. You want to look at the 5-star rating reviews with one goal in mind. You want to find out what they like about the product.

The same method is applies to the 1-star ratings, except now you are looking for what the people don’t like about the products.

With those two pieces of information, you are much better able to understand your target audience and write from their perspective.

It seems simple enough. I want to try it out! My guess is that the research will be grueling and tedious, but once it is done it would be extremely valuable information!

Have you ever tried something like this? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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