My Website Is Pretty. And I’m Still Broke.

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websiteThis growth stuff is difficult.

I have things to offer the world around me, but I am not really optimized to offer it. My offering is too generalized and I lack an action plan. Just so you know where I am, I started this “business” a few weeks ago after finally deciding that it was time to put up or shut up. I have been working with a client for about a year, bartering with him along the way. He’s my only client so far. I haven’t made any actual money. I have gotten great value from my client and do not regret anything, but businesses live on green food.

And I don’t even have a product yet.

Now of course, I have services that I offer, and that could be considered a product. I will live off of those services one day, but until I have an action plan to monetize my services, I have a hobby. There are several things I know that I need to do to get going.

  • Create something I can use as a lead magnet to start building my email list. (Currently I have 2 email addresses. Yes, you read that correctly.)
  • Aggressively network online so that I can get some page views. (Right now I average about 2 visits per day, as best I can tell. I forgot to filter my traffic to take my own visits out until just before I started writing this.)
  • Start reaching out to local businesses and make some sales leads.

There are a million other things to add to the list.

Has this ever happened to you?

Pyrite. “Fool’s Gold”

But what do I do with such knowledge? Last night I sat down to work on creating something to make money and I got distracted. I had a nagging problem with my website, so I just casually looked at other themes on WordPress and tried a few out. Then I fell in love with one particular look and decided to use it. Of course, that meant that I would have to tweak some things.

It ultimately cost me several hours. I like my website better, but I am not any closer to making money. It’s “fool’s gold”.

I’m scared. I admit it. It is easier to do things that look professional than to do what is necessary to win. I’m afraid of putting myself “out there”, of facing people and trying to convince them that I have something to offer. I know that I do, but that confidence needs to grow so that I am able to convince others of it. And I need to get busy doing the right things.

In the meantime,

That’s one of the reasons goal-setting is so important. But even THAT can get in the way. So make sure you are not fooling yourself like I have done many times already. Do what matters.

What do you do to help maintain clarity and focus? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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