One Quick Method For Blog Posts On Word Press

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quick-posts-capture-for-wp-posting-articleI never used it before. Did you know that the Word Press admin area has a “Quick Draft” section? I saw it before but never tried using it.

Just log into your Word Press and enter in your thoughts as a quick draft under “Quick Draft” (apt name!) and then hit “Save Draft” and you are set. You can go back later and edit, add photos, etc. In fact, I am going to take a screen shot of this section to show you how it works.

I am going to start using this for first drafts of blog posts. Since it is on the main page and not full screen like in the Posts section, it encourages me not to get bogged down in the post trying to create a masterpiece. As you know, it’s not good to edit while you write. So I can finish the piece quickly and then edit later.

I wish I would have tried this a long time ago!

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