Risk-Taking in Email Marketing

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change-1245949_1280The more we value something the less likely we are to take risks, but without risk, there is no growth.

I’m talking about calculated risks, but risks indeed.

Someone once said that to be an effective leader you must be willing to lose the ones you are leading. If you are not willing to lose them, you are unwilling to lead them where they need to go. You’ll settle for where they want to go. And while many times the place they want to go and the place they need to go might be the same, if you want to make a difference in the lives of others, you must be willing to LEAD them to new places.

To accomplish something new, you must do some new things. And if you care about others, you will show them those new things as you discover them, and encourage them to do them. That requires risk. It’s risky on your part because they may decide not to follow. It’s risky on their part because they must learn to trust you.

If you want to be effective long-term with your audience or tribe, you have to build a relationship of trust and authority. The trust comes as they see that your ideas work out [most of the time]. Authority comes as they learn to rely on you even when they don’t see things as you do. That’s a grave responsibility. Don’t take it lightly.

If you want to be an authority, you have to make a difference. So help your team, and BE that difference.

Here are ways to do that.

  1. Help people see why they need to follow your advice.
  2. Kindly confront them with truth, backed with evidence.
  3. Follow through on your word, even if others back out.
  4. Do what is right no matter what.

Every decision involves some risk, even the ones where we decide to do what we’ve always done (though you may not FEEL the risk). If your business and life are going well, maybe you should keep those same things going, but if you are facing troubles, remember that doing the same activities will bring the same results. Branch out, and help your team and tribe do the same.

What risks have you taken lately? Comment below!

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