It’s Past Time To Stop The Foul Language!

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choose good langauge, not foul languageYou’re degrading your credibility with foul language.

We need to stop the foul language. I assume we all have words that we refuse to say. With the current culture, I also assume that is all relative to the situation, but at least most people recognize the existence of appropriate language. When you have children and they say their first “bad word” you will definitely stop and think about it more clearly.

There are several things you can do to cause me to stop following you, and using expletives and foul language fits in that list. It’s one thing to see it on Facebook and other social media, it’s at least easier to ignore (even though it is still offensive). But if you use it in a private email supposedly to build a relationship with me? I’m usually unsubscribing.

So what if Gary V. does it!?

Gary Vaynerchuck has popularized cussing. It used to be a figure of speech to say someone “cusses like a sailor” but it’s more appropriate to say “He cusses like Gary V.!” His successes have encouraged the language, and I hear all the time, “Well, that’s just Gary.”

Well, if he wants to use such language I’m not going to be able to stop him, and it is at least theoretically possible that he has gained success with the help of that language–but what a sad statement if that’s the case.

It wasn’t his dedication and hard work that got him his fame and success. No, it was his language. He uses the “F-word” so that means he is a success!! Does that really make sense to you?

OBVIOUSLY neither you nor I believe that is true. In fact, if anything, his shock-language made him a little popular for a moment, but it was his great advice, practical work ethic, and diligence that has carried him through. It can be argued that his continued use of potty-mouth is not really helping him at all.

I’m not judging Gary V. I’m sure he is a nice guy, and he certainly knows more about running a business than I, but I’m tired of hearing people justify foul language because a successful business man notoriously uses the F-word.

It doesn’t make you look “relatable”. It makes you look like you have lowered your standards. Those are not the same.

It doesn’t make you sound “more human” either. It detracts from the perception you want to project and makes you look “less winner-y”. Unless “less winner-y” is the look you want to project. Then I’ve got nothing.

Who cares if all the cool kids are doing it?!

Respectfully, maybe you need to grow up and get over the “cool kids”. Let decency reign a while. Good manners reveal respect for others and for yourself.

It’s not the end of the world if you drop a language-bomb, but it certainly can hurt your influence. You may think that’s puritanical, but I like to deal in reality, and the reality is, your foul language detracts from how others perceive you.

One last thought on cursing (though much more could be said): read this article from Here’s a quote from it:

“Many people do not realize that using certain swear words is a promotion of socially unacceptable negatives like verbal abuse, sexual harassment, discrimination and verbal assault.”

Let’s get back to decency.

We’re better than this. We know how to speak in public and what words are best to avoid. Our economy and your business are difficult enough. Why add more potential problems? You don’t have to be a “stuffed-shirt” to avoid foul language. (That would hurt you too.) Find creative ways to communicate without settling for the shock treatment.

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